Cheer Squad

As promised the J-Squad is delivering pics of the new cheerleading uniforms. Don’t they look fantastic!? Good choice Ricky! In the front row from left to right we have Javianna Chavez, Garyn Lasley, Captainess Leah Aldrich, Latecia Contreras, Captainess Sylvia Valentino, Tanner Snow, Kelsey WhiteEyes. In the back from left to right is Sidnie Galvin, Mikesia Snow, Daphne Hastings, Jaya Ross, Captainess Kacyn Harlan, Karys Bertucci, Kaelese Webster, and Dallyce Lyons. 

A quote from the Fearless Cheer Leader himself.

“I wanted something unique and different that would stand out. “ 

More Quotes on the new uniforms: 

“I like that they’re a dress. I think that’s different and cool. A mix of classy and professional.” - Kacyn Harlan

“They are pretty black. But I like them better than last year’s outfits.” - Todd Stabler

“No Comment.” (and then he giggled).  - Fehringer

“Dey alright. Can I go get some more mini wheats from Jewel?” Anonymous  

“I think Ricky knocked it out of the park this year!” - Jordan Noodleberry