Woods Class

The Woods Class here at UNPS teaches the students how to work safely with power tools and shows them more skills in case someone wants to do this for a living. The reason woods class is important is because it gives a person self discipline and how to pay attention. If you don’t pay attention on your work then it won’t come out right. It's a way for a student to accomplish something that they actually worked on, and help them feel proud about something they made. Mr. Leathers said that woods class helps the student build self esteem. The reason Mr. Leathers teaches woods class is because he likes it, and because in the years he has been doing wood work he has been earning a lot of money. It helps the students learn some life skills that they can use in the future. In woods class we made a feather box, jewelry box and now some of us are making a nightstand. When we are finished with the nightstand we can build anything we want.