Staff Spotlight on Dr. Morales

Our staff spotlight for this week is on Dr. Francisco Morales. Dr. Morales has worked here for 2 years: he is now completing his second year here at Umonhon Nation, and he works with special needs students. He served in the Vietnam War, at one time he owned a restaurant called Paul's family restaurant, which he owned  for 21 years. He is from Texas. Dr. Morales has traveled to South America, he’s been to Europe, and multiple islands in the Caribbean. His favorite thing about working at UNPS is the challenge. His favorites sports team is the Houston Astros, while his favorite sport is golf. His favorite food is chicken fried steak. His vision for a better learning experience is creating a safe environment. He says that something that could make his job more interesting is to make the day longer, but not have school start so early. Dr Morales’s vision for the tribe is upward mobility in all areas.