The Chiefs are off to a fantastic start this season coming out a hot 2-0. Our second victory was a 28-18 triumph over the Crow Creek Chieftains (Friday, September 8 at Wade Miller Memorial Field). The game was tied 0-0 at half as each team suffered from turnovers and penalties. The scoring started in the third quarter, however, when defensive tackle Darrell Blackbird III came up with a sack for a safety! This was a huge momentum swing as the Chieftains had just stopped our boys on 4th and 1 the play prior. The emotional rollercoaster continued as both teams found the endzone multiple times during the 2nd half… including kickoff returns for touchdowns by both teams. But in the end our boys took the victory. Here is how the Chiefs put points on the scoreboard. 

  • Darrell Blackbird sack for a safety (2-0)

  • Avander ‘da hamma’ Galvin 7 yd run (8-0). 

  • Jonny ‘the stalka’ Walker 80 Kick return (14-6)

  • Jonny ‘the stalka’ Walker 23 yd run (20-12)

  • Jonny ‘the stalka’ Walker 2 yd run (28-18)

STATS vs Crow Creek:

  • Rylon ‘the Icon’ Grant: 6 passing/49 yds, 3 carries/15 yds

  • Jonny ‘the stalka’ walker: 4 catches/43 yds, 6 carries/76 yds (2 TDs), Kick return/137 yds (1 TD)

  • Avander ‘tha hamma’ Galvin: 13 carries/100 yds (1 TD)

  • Dason Romo: 11 carries/98 yds

  • Javan Webster: 4 carries/ 74 yds

  • Total rushing yards: 584 (that’s insane!)

Coach's Corner:

J:Squad: How did the Defensive Unit grade out last Friday?

Matt: The defense played really well, just a few breakdowns due to the heat, being tired and being down a few players. Overall, we allowed one offensive touchdown. The other TD was on special teams. If we can get players eligible, our defense should be solid. We just have to focus on our job at each position and play smart, not flashy. 

J:Squad: How did our boys handle the heat? It was hot out there?

Matt: It was hot, no doubt about that. We need to look into purchasing a “sports only” tent or two for shade on the sidelines. It would also be beneficial to get some tubs for ice to be on the sideline throughout the game. We can’t control the weather but, our guys will play and will be in better shape than most teams this year. We’ve worked hard on that. 

J:Squad: How do you feel our boys handled themselves when things started to get chippy?

Matt: Well, we aren’t perfect. It’s tough when someone is always in your face and so, we can do better and will continue to work on that. Overall, I thought we did better than past years. It shows growth but, we aren’t finished growing. Real courage comes from walking away and not falling into those “traps” of “talking”. We need to focus on letting our game talk. At the end of the day our game talked the loudest. 

J:squad: How do you think our boys performed on offense last Friday?

Matt: Offensively we struggled a bit more than the week prior. I think that comes from a lack of focus during the week and missing some players up front. I think when it mattered most we had players step up and make plays, and that is big time for us. We will continue to hammer it and grind out games. 

J:squad: How do you feel our team will perform against the upcoming opponent?

Matt: Well, in order to perform at the top level, we need players to take their attendance and grades seriously. During game weeks, players who miss a practice, automatically miss a quarter. And obviously, if they have one “F”, they are ineligible so, that’s two problems we need to work on. T.Z. has always been one of the best in our conference. They are big, fast, and have a lot of kids. We need everyone eligible and at practice to compete and have a chance to win. 

J-Squad: How long do you think you'd survive in a zombie apocalypse?

Matt: I guess it would depend on the type of zombies. Are we talking “Walking Dead” zombies or “World War Z” zombies? Either way, I feel like I’d be a top survivor. I’ve seen all of the “Walking Dead”, “Z-Nation”, “Black Summer”, “Zombieland”, and “World War Z”. Also, I have gone international and have seen “All of Us Are Dead” and “Train to Busan”. I’ve also survived “The Last of Us” (PS5), so I have a long list of training. As long as I follow the Zombieland rules for survival, I think I’d live out my days killing zombies. 

Well-the Ol’ Ballcoach was feelin that interview. Dat Boy Matt spilled his guts. Next up for the undefeated Chiefs will be the Tiospa-Zina Eagles (1-1). That game will be played in Agency Village, SD at 4:00 (Friday Sept. 15). Come Cheer on the Chiefs! 


J-Squad: How much do you charge for your savory buttered popcorn?

Fehringer: Not enough.