UNPS Chiefs Football @ Crazy Horse

The Chiefs Football Team started the season in a sick way on Thursday, August 31 with a 56-24 beat down of Crazy Horse.  The Chiefs scored often and early as they pummeled their opponent. Some would call it an old fashioned woodshed beating.  Here are some stats from the blowout:

STATS vs Crazy Horse:

Rylon ‘the Icon’ Grant: 3-5 passing/72yds (2TDs), 9 carries/114yds (1TD)

Jonny ‘the Stalka’ Walker: 3 catches/97yds (2TDs) 

Tayven ‘Flava Flav’ Wolfe: 8 carries, 94yds (11.75 yds per carry)

Javan Webster: 5 carries/31yds (3TDs), 1 Fumble Recovery with a 1 inch Return for a TD (4 total TDs). 

Darrell ‘Big Daddy’ Blackbird III: 2 carries/8yds, (1TD). 

Total Rushing yards: 338 (sick) 

Total Offensive yards 410 (fantabulous)

Coach’s Corner with MATT:

J-Squad: What is your assessment of the O-Line play vs CH?

Matt: Line play was pretty solid. There are things to clean up but, overall, one of the better games for us up front. 

J-Squad: How did you feel about the performance of the defense?

Matt: Once we settled down and stopped trying to do, as Coach Creighton called it, “hokey-pokey” things we used to, we did fine. It will take some time to teach the basics of our base defense, along with adjustments we make in-game but, we played solid. The TDs they scored were Hail-Mary plays so we need to work on our Hail-Mary Schemes. 

J-Squad: Where do you feel the team needs the most improvement?

Matt: Probably the basic little things. Things like knowing our right from our left, focusing on our responsibilities on the field, wrapping up on tackles, and being prepared to play while on the sidelines. Everyone played, so we need everyone ready to go always. 

J-Squad: If you were giving out a game ball who would you give it to?

Matt: I could give out a couple. But, one of the coolest moments was when we scored a TD on a “Fumblerooski” that we designed on the bus trip. I looked at Sjuts and called it in. I said, “Give me the Fumblerooski. Dean Steinkuhler style!” Sjuts got goosebumps and signaled it in Rooski style. Rylon and Travis executed it perfectly. Darrell picked the ball up off the ground, and ran it in for the Tuddy. Game ball goes to him for that play. 

J-Squad: How many dubs will it take to get you to bleach your golden locks?

Matt: If we make the title game, I’ll bleach it. No point in doing anything crazy unless we follow through on the field. No gimmicks.  

J-Squad: When you forget a thought, where does it go?

Matt: I’d imagine that it goes into the mind of one of my thousand other natural bodies and alter egos, that one could find across the infinite number of separate and secular dimensions in time and space of the universe. I like to think, when I forget a thought, the Matt Hudnall of dimension “x,y, or z” gains that thought, becomes even more intelligent than I am now, and then uses it to become more powerful and all knowing. That version of myself then uses that information to conquer that dimension in the time and space of that area of the universe. 

There you have it fans… Some authentic words from the Ol’ Ball Coach himself.  Our next game is Friday, September 8 vs Crow Creek. Kickoff is slated for 2:00. Come out and support the TEAM! Hopefully, Fehringer will be selling two for the price of one glizzys during the second half!!!