Season Opener

Football Preview 2023!

By Trey Phillbot, Zeus Lee, and Max Jodys

Ouuuuuu…. What dat mell? Is it the mell of fresh cut grass at the stadium? Wait, don't we have turf? Perhaps it’s the mell of fresh buttered popcorn radiating out of Fehringer’s food truck? Mmmmm, butter! Or the delicious mell of cheese drifting from Vogt’s tailgate grill. Dat boy sure can hydrate a pizza! What do all of these mells have in common? You guessed it…. the mell of FOOTBALL SEASON! That’s right, the Chief's season began on August 14 with the first day of practice. Because of some crazy weather conditions (100 degree temperatures) the team has been forced to practice in the early hours of the morning to beat the heat. This means getting up around 5:00 AM! Talk about dedication! This year's squad is led by a group of strong seniors. They will need all their experience as they face the challenges of the season. This team will be guided by a formidable set of senior players. Leading the squad will be the quarterback #4 Rylon ‘the icon’ Grant, the fullback #3 Avander ‘the Hamma’ Galvin, wide receiver #8 Jonny ‘the Stalka’ Walker, running back #12 Jayvon ‘Sweetness’ McCauley, offensive lineman #55 Darrell ‘Big Daddy’ Blackbird III, and #21 O-line specialist Darius ‘Bobby Flay’ Redbuffalo. The seniors are supported by a group of underclassmen who will also strive to give their best performance this season. Notables include: junior center #34 Trav ‘the Valor’ Phillips, and junior running back #24 Tayven ‘Flava Flav’ Wolfe ,  As usual we have a secret weapon. This year it is our manager 'Professor X!’  

Coach's Corner With Matt:

J-Squad: How many players do we have on the team? 

Hudnall: ‘We should have close to 20.’ 

J-Squad: How is the team looking this first week? 

Hudnall: ‘We are a work in progress. We are a team full of ATHLETES, that will play multiple positions.’ 

J-Squad: What are the strengths of this team? 

Hudnall: ‘Right now, our strengths are our athleticism, work ethic, and how in-shape we will be.’ 

J-Squad: What are the long term goals for this team? 

Hudnall: ‘The goal is to make the playoffs. We will take it one game at a time, and we will stay eligible in school.’ 

J-Squad: How are the skilled positions looking? 

Hudnall: ‘We have a lot of athletes that can play multiple positions. Things will get figured out more over the next week.’

J-Squad: How are the big boys in the trenches looking? 

Hudnall: ‘The big boys aren’t as big this year. We’re pretty short up front, but these players will be our most important. We will go as far as the line will take us.’ 

J-Squad: What can you tell us about your first opponent? 

Hudnall: ‘We played them for our first game last year and they are tough.’ 

J-Squad: What is the name of one of your favorite plays?  

Hudnall: ‘Strong Right, Slot YoYo, 425 on 1’ OR ‘Strong Left, Fake JET, 17QB Keep.’ 

  • Coach Hudnall: Head Coach, QBs, Co-Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator. 

  • Coach Sjuts: Assistant Coach, OL/DL, Co-Offensive Coordinator. 

  • Coach Saunsoci: Special Teams Coordinator, WRs/TEs, and DBs. 

  • Coach Miller: RBs and LBs. 

For the season opener we will be taking on the Crazy Horse Chiefs. The kickoff is scheduled for 1:00 P.M. (MT) on August 31st in Wanblee, SD. That’s about a 5 hour and 40 minute drive so plan accordingly. It’s certain to be an epic battle. We would like to wish the boy’s good luck on their way to Wanblee, SD.