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Meet Mathew Spawn, Omaha Nation's Construction teacher.

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Possible Careers

  • Construction Carpenters

  • Construction and Building Inspectors 

  • Construction Managers

  • Construction Laborers

  • First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers 

  • Helpers--Carpenters

  • Helpers, Construction Trades, All Other


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Furthering Education in Construction

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"My family and I live in Columbus, I have two daughters who are both in High School.  My oldest daughter is in Swing Choir and on the Flag team.  My youngest daughter is in a Ukulele club and is part of the Band’s drum line.  My wife is a teacher, like myself and she teaches ELL classes at Lost Creek in Columbus.  Our family’s hobbies include camping, boating, and traveling.  My education has taken me to several schools but my last degree was from Wayne State College, where I received a degree to become a teacher.  An interesting thing about my high school jobs is I found myself acting as a foreman and supervising one or two job sites at a time when I was fifteen.  An award that has a good story I could share with anyone reading this is I finished third in a National Carpentry competition once and the prize package was very extensive.  If anyone would like to hear more about my family, hobbies, or any awards, please stop by my classroom and we could share stories."

Plan of Study: Construction Plan

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