Priority is given in the following order:

- Umoⁿhoⁿ Nation Public School Students

- Community Members whose children qualify for the Sixpence Grant through the at risk criteria

- Umoⁿhoⁿ Nation Employees

*Students MUST be in attendance at school whenever their child is at the center.

*Enrolled children MUST have 85% attendance to keep your childcare position.

*Violation WILL result in termination of

enrollment. Parents call if your child is ill.

*All parents WILL have a work or class schedule on file with the center.

*If a student enrolls in school who has a child or has a child after the school year has began, their child will be given first priority for a position in the childcare. Community Members and Staff Members may be asked to find other childcare if the need arises to ensure all student parents have adequate childcare for their child.

At-Risk Selection Criteria:

1) A child of an enrolled High School Student

2) A child with a Verifiable Disability

3) A child who was born premature

4) A child whose parent or parents have not graduated from High School

5) A child who meets the low/reduced lunch income eligibility guidelines

6) A child of a parent that is incarcerated