On January 19, 2018, the Umonhon Nation Public School Board of Education held a Special Board Meeting to review and reauthorize the following school board policy:

Board Policy 3040 School Safety and Security (I.) General Safety and Security, (c.) Access to School Facilities, (i.) The school’s facilities may not be used for funeral or memorial services during the school day.

While UNPS strives to serve each and every member of this community by demonstrating sensitivity to the issues of loss, cultural ceremony and community support, we also recognize that our main responsibility and duty is to provide a quality and consistent education to the student of UNPS.  Research demonstrates that high amounts of lost instructional time has a direct negative impact on student achievement.  For this reason we believe it is important to reauthorize our standing policy which will deny the use of school facilities for funerals/memorial services during scheduled school hours.  However, UNPS will continue to support the needs of the community by granting access to our facilities during non-school hours (evenings, weekends, summer, etc.).  We humbly ask for your support and consideration on this matter.


Superintendent Mrs. Hardy & UNPS Board of Education