Staff Spotlight on Ricky Sheridan

Today, the staff spotlight is on Ricky, aka Richard L Sheridan. Ricky works here at UNPS. Ricky helps as a teacher aide and is a certified sub here at Omaha Nation. Ricky's favorite hobbies are running everyday, going to the gym, and coaching cheerleading. His favorite sports are cheerleading, baseball sometimes, and volleyball. Ricky's favorite thing about our school is the kids; he loves to work and play with them because they're willing to come to school and are willing to learn and have fun. He plans to increase his involvement with school activities.

Ricky's goals for the future are to become a teacher and probably move away. His vision for our tribe is for better communication with the council and our people. Ricky likes to work here because he knows all the kids at our school. Ricky plans to work here for the next five years.