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Reggie is a Certified Therapy Dog. This means that Reggie has to undergo extensive training and certification every year.  Mrs. Gibson and Reggie get certified through Alliance Therapy Dogs. Part of the certification process is a one-time class, an annual written exam, medical exam performed by a veterinarian, and practical exam.


Reggie is not only adorable; he is also a teacher and role model.

 Our friend Reggie and other Certified Therapy Dogs can help teach social emotional skills such as empathy, acceptance, and nurturing.

• Empathy - identifying with and understanding the feelings and motives of others.

• Outward focus - bringing individuals out of themselves; animals can help individuals with mental illness or low self-esteem focus on their environment.

• Nurturing - promoting growth and development.


Additional Information

Alliance of Therapy Dogs

BOE Policy on Therapy Dogs


Contact Shannon Gibson at UNPS with further questions.

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