Mission Statement

The mission of the Umoⁿhoⁿ Nation Public School through positive interaction with the Omaha Tribal community is to provide a student-centered education in a safe and respectful learning environment allowing our students to strengthen Native American traditions yet flourish in other cultures.

School Improvement Goals

1. Improve Reading Achievement

2. Improve Math Achievement

3. Improve Graduation Rate

School Board Belief Statements

We believe that school, community and students have a right and responsibility to expect a fair, fun and functional education enabling each student to achieve the highest academic and emotional level possible.

We believe a major purpose of our school is to educate youth so they are comfortable in and move easily between traditional Native American culture and other cultures.

We believe only through the support of the Tribal Council can there be open positive interaction and unity among school, community, parents and all Tribal agencies to provide the best possible education for our students.

We believe the community and school desire a safe and respectful learning environment for its children.

In 1999 Omaha Nation School students retraced the steps of their ancestors' last successful buffalo hunt, winter 1876. The buffalo were difficult to find, and the tribe traveled all the way to northwestern Kansas, over thirty days, to find a herd.

Brad Penner, a producer with Nebraska Educational Television, accompanied the students and staff and produced the video, which was aired as a segment on "Statewide" in 1999. We want to thank Nebraska Educational Television for permission to share it on our website.